Sealed quotations are invited for stall construction and for providing common facilities in the India Pavilion at Las Vegas, USA

Ref Tender No. AEPC/GUR/Sourcing at Magic/1114/01/2016-2017
Dated:24th Nov.’16

Subject: Sealed quotations are invited through tenders for stall construction and for providing common facilities in the India Pavilion at Sourcing at Magic to be held from 20-23rd February, 2017 at Las Vegas, USA.
Dear Sir,
Apparel Export Promotion Council, Sponsored by Ministry of Textiles, Government of India is a nodal agency to promote and develop the exports of readymade garments from India and to project India’s image as a reliable destination for sourcing garments.

  1. AEPC has been participating in Sourcing at Magic for the last 18 years. This time, AEPC is making India Pavilion of approx. 3000 sqft. built up area of 30 booths of 100 sq. ft. in the said fair scheduled for 20-23 February, 2017 at Las Vegas, USA. We request you to kindly send us your quotation for booth construction and for providing common facilities as mentioned in the terms of reference mentioned in Annexure – I & Annexure - II. Annexure - I pertains to Technical bid and Annexure - II pertains to financial bid.
  2. Total area booked for construction of India pavilion is approx. 3000 sq. ft against which 30 booths of 10x10 sqft each or multiples thereof for the Indian participants would be constructed. The number of booths can be increased / decreased based on the number of booths sold in India Pavilion in Sourcing at Magic, February, 2017 at the time of closing the show. The standard margin of space will have to be left in the booths for electrical/fire passage as per the rules of the Magic Fair Authority.
  3. If you are registered as an official exhibition contractor with Magic Fair Authority for Sourcing at Magic, Las Vegas, USA for February, 2017 or will be able to hire any official exhibition stall contractor of Magic Fair authority, please arrange to send your quote for construction of 30 booths (apprx. 3000 sq.ft.

built up area) through hard copy via courier or submit in person in a sealed envelope marked “TENDER FOR SOURCING AT MAGIC – 20-23rd February, 2017 ” at the below mentioned address:
Mr. K S Bisht, Joint Director
Apparel Export Promotion Council
Apparel House, Sector 44,
Institutional area, Gurgaon- 122003
Haryana, India.
Phone : 91 – 124- 2708000
The sealed envelope should be received in AEPC office by courier or in person latest by 4 :00 PM on 14th December, 2016 (Wednesday)

4. The project shall be given on turnkey basis and quotation should be given in US$ per booth for stall construction and for providing common facilities as mentioned in Annexure - II. The quotation should include all taxes, labour charges, dismantling, electricity charges, drayage, hanging charges for banners from ceiling or any kind of other charges what so ever.

Grant of Contract:-

  1. The L- 1 bidder will be granted the contract in the US$ currency, however at the time of releasing the payment if the L - 1 bidder is based in India, then the payment would be released in INR and the conversion from US$ to INR would be taken at the Reserve Bank of India’s rate applicable on the date of release of payment. The INR payment will be made after deducting TDS, Service tax or any other taxes as applicable on the date of release of payment. However, payment to the vendor located outside of India will be made in US$ or any other foreign currency after fulfilling the formalities as per Reserve Bank of India Taxation norms.
  2. The last date for submission of sealed quotation is 4:00 PM on 14th December, 2016 (Wednesday) as mentioned above in 3.
  3. The bidder / vendor would settle all payment directly to the vendors who will be constructing India Pavilion (in case an Indian bidders hires a stall contractor in Las Vegas, USA or from outside of India) and AEPC will not have any liability of any kind, financial or otherwise to the Magic Fair Authority or the stall contractor which Indian company would hire on behalf of AEPC for construction of India Pavilion. The stall contractor will provide NOC from Magic Fair Authority / GES and the overseas contractor for release of final payment. Also if the L1 bidder is a foreign party, they will also provide NOC from Magic Fair Authority / GES before release of final payments. Final Payment will be received within 3 weeks after receiving the final invoices.


  1. The bidder should have at least done 2 reputed International shows for construction of at least 30 booths (3000 sqft.) in each show proof of which must be submitted along with the tender in Annexure -I. (Letter copies from the clients should be attached with annexure – I of the Technical bid clearly mentioning the area constructed / No. of stalls constructed and letter copy for satisfactory completion of the job.)
  2. The turnover of the company for the last 3 years duly certified by a Charted Accountant should be submitted along with Annexure - I. A copy of PAN card and Registration Certificate (Service Tax / VAT etc.) should be enclosed.
  3. An Earnest money deposit of Rs. 1,00,000/- (in case of foreign companies US$ 1470) must be submitted along with tender document with Annexure - I in the form of Bank Draft / RTGS / Bank Pay order / Bank Guarantee in favour of Apparel Export Promotion Council, Gurgaon. The SWIFT details of AEPC are as follows:

Beneficiary : Apparel Export Promotion Council Bank Name: Indian Overseas Bank
Account No. : 180401000020000
Address : Apparel House, Sector – 44, Institutional area, Gurgaon – 122003 (Haryana), India Branch code : 1804
Annexure - I as Technical bid – To be submitted in a sealed separate envelope. Annexure – II as Financial bid - To be submitted in a sealed separate envelope.

11. Payment Terms
After issuing the work order, no advance payment is released in normal course, however maximum 30% advance of the total contract value can be given to the successful bidder if demanded, against submission of equivalent amount of Bank guarantee / FDR in favour of Apparel Export Promotion Council having valid uptil 31.03.2017.
Balance payment will be released after 3 weeks of issuing the invoice, after the satisfactory performance of the vendor. A no dues certificate from Magic Fair Authority, GES and the sub stall contractor is required to be submitted by the vendor before the release of final payment from AEPC.
12.  Performance Guarantee
A Performance Guarantee of Rs. 2,00,000/- OR US$ 2950 should be deposited by successful bidder through Bank Draft / FDR/ Bank Swift transfers drawn in favour of Apparel Export Promotion Council against award of contract letter from AEPC. The validity of the Performance Guarantee should be uptil 31.03.2017
The performance guarantee will be refunded after successful execution of the event.
13.  Arbitration
If any dispute of difference of any kind whatsoever arises between AEPC and the selected agencies, it will be referred to Chairman (Export Promotion) AEPC for arbitration and their decision shall be final and binding on both the parties.

14.  Legal Jurisdiction
Any legal dispute will be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Courts and no other Court shall have the jurisdiction.
15.  Liquidated Damages and completion of work
Work must be completed by 6:00 PM on 19th February, 2017 in all respects. If the vendor is unable to complete the work during the stall construction days of 18th & 19th February, 2017 in all respects and uptil 6:00 PM on 19th February, 2017 and leaves the job without completing it, thereby compelling AEPC to get the job done from other vendor, in that case, the vendor will be liable for the following:

  1. The EMD of Rs. 1,00,000/- (US$ 1470) will be forfeited along with the performance guarantee of Rs. 2,00,000/- (US$ 2950)
  2. The equivalent additional amount, which will be paid by AEPC to the new vendor for doing the remaining job, will be charged by AEPC from the vendor (original vendor) OR 10% penalty of the total contract value whichever is more, will be deducted / charged from the original vendor’s balance payment.
16.Evaluation of bids 
  1. AEPC shall evaluate the bids on the basis of technical bid (Annexure - I) first. The vendors who qualify the technical bid will be eligible for participating in the financial bid. The L – 1 quote in financial bid of the eligible vendor will be awarded the contract.
  2. The technical bid would be opened on at Apparel House, Gurgaon in the tender committee of AEPC and qualified bidders would be invited during the opening of Financial bids separately.
  3. AEPC reserve the right to accept / reject any of the tenders without assigning any reasons or may ask for presentation from the bidders before finalization.

17.A representative from the selected vendor for stall construction must be present at the venue (Las Vegas Convention Centre, Las Vegas, USA) with resources to help fixing of rails, fascia, electrical work, 
electrical charging and other adjustments in the stalls during the fair days including set up days i.e. 19th February to 23rd February, 2017 . 

18.AEPC reserves the right to increase or decrease services in the Tender document. 

Yours faithfully,
(R K Sharma)
Sr. Director Apparel Export Promotion Council Sector – 44, Institutional Area, Gurgaon – 122 003, Haryana, India Phone : 91-124-2708026 Email :

Note :-  Refer PDF for Complete Details.