Branding Indian Apparel Sector

Questionnaire for our Exporter Member

Context:- We are in the process of building a brand identity for all Fashion products- Apparel and fashion accessories- that are MADE IN INDIA. As one of the most important stakeholders, your thoughts are necessary for us to understand what you think about India as a sourcing destination, develop a strategy and design around your vision. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions.

1. How would you rate the below propositions, that your Buyers associate with the Apparel they source from India? Please score out of 5 points each(0 being the minimum and 5 being the maximum)

A) Quality of the Apparel

B) Materials used in Apparel

C) The story behind the apparel-in terms of labour/environment friendliness during production

D) Sustainability

E) Cost of Product

F) Scale of order

G) Craftsmanship and Skill

2. Which countries do you have to compete to sell the product? Please list them in order of Buyer preference here

3. What is your opinion, is the Buyers perception about Apparel made in India? Please mark Yes/No/Maybe

A) Made in compliant factories

B) Made by happy workers

C) Made in environmentally friendly manner

D) Made by traditional cratftsperson

E) Made by modern machinery

F) High quality

G) An adaptation of traditional crafts

H) Well Designed

I) Made and delivered professioanlly

4. What makes the Indian product unique? What makes your buyer buy from India.

5. Share the five words that best describe Indian Apparel export sector, for the buyers, according to you

6. Anything else you would like us to know in this regard