Chairman's word - March 2017

Dear Friends, 
We are always proud of our achievements and successes, and we seek to continue the march of progress and growth, by putting our minds to the future. As young and ahead- of-time as our profession of fashion is, so young and fresh is our new force of the AEPC PROgens. A subcommittee of young entrepreneurs, AEPC PROgen has been launched this February to create a talent pipeline of members and leaders who would support the industry and council, making them stronger - fortifying the Indian Apparel trade as well as contributing to nation-building.
Building on our constant endeavour of benefiting the industry and its people , we continue to pursue the roll out issues of Special package, including the ROSL reimbursements. Besides this, we have sent a representation to Prime Minister’s Office for the implementation of the Optional Provident Fund. Nevertheless I would urge you to continue with your investment plans, as this pendency in releases will get resolved soon. A few states have announced a raise in minimum wages. Unfortunately, this has been done without prior consultation with important stakeholders, including our industry. AEPC has also submitted a representation against this and requested to be made party to the discussions. We look forward to some meaningful action and announcements in these regards very soon.
Our export promotion endeavours continue in full throttle. Our participation in the Magic fair at Las Vegas was a great success. We continue to plan for more events to consolidate our position and reach new milestones in exports.
I request you, as always, to be more meaningfully involved in our evolution. We would like to hear from you on some important policy issues like the Mid Term Review of Foreign Trade Policy and the Drawback benefits in the GST regime. You should have received the office circulars in this regard. Please share your valuable feedback to enable us to represent our interests better. 
The month of March with the most colourful festival and season spells a new beginning for all of us- it ends with the beginning of the new financial year. As you consider what might be personally meaningful and have a greater positive impact on your businesses, please know that AEPC is always looking for people who want to become more involved in taking the Indian industry to new heights!
Have a happy and colourful Spring!
Warmest Regards,
Ashok G Rajani
Chairman, AEPC