Chairman's word - January 2017

Dear Friends,
2016 brought change and opportunity. 
It has been a busy and exciting year for AEPC – and it has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Chairman during this time.  While the year started with an uncertain present and an unknown future at hand, our Government , industry leaders and we, at AEPC, worked together to resolve issues and move ahead. Over the last year, we have streamlined our relationships, policies and capabilities to provide the most value by connecting members with direct business building opportunities and the essential resources that they need for business growth. We have taken utmost care of our workers, who remain our foundation partners in all our endeavours, by working towards betterment of their lives, and facilitating everyone to achieve their full potential.
As this transformative time ends, I want to share my reflections of this past year and the dreams for the next year.The aspiration and actions set in motion the past year will influence our work in the year to to come. This work will include:

  • Acting together with the Central and State governments and industry champions on fostering the sectors empowerment
  • Focusing on growing our strategic export partnerships for driving better export opportunities
  • Calling on our members to take responsibility and be accountable for change- be the Change makers.
  • Engaging  with champions within government, industry and associated organisations towards our initiatives on ‘awareness creation’- to mobilize enhancement using technology creatively
  • Increased communication with the community through a renewed website and our monthly publication

With this in mind, I believe that the current political, economic and social backdrop presents a very unique opportunity in 2017 for our members to retrench and out-manoeuvre competitors in the global marketplace. As part of our renewed value proposition, the AEPC will be committed to fostering a fertile, sustainable and well connected environment where apparel companies, no matter what size, can innovate and grow, make connections and do business.
I am confident that we will look back collectively upon this time in AEPCs history as a turning point driven by sustainable innovation and marked by a paradigm shift in the Indian business of Apparel.
I am looking forward to do a lot this year and hope that you are too. May this new year bring you all the joy and peace intended. 
Warmest Regards,
Ashok G Rajani
Chairman, AEPC